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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yarn Harlot!

So much f-ing fun! (Sorry, Mom, but it was.) I'd been threatening to help out ever since I first had an inkling the YarnHarlot might possibly be coming to Knitch, so as soon as I arrived (at 3; the event started at 7), Kim snapped me up, gave me a Staff shirt, and put me to work. Which was good. Harness my hyperactive, sometimes-a-little-scary energy for the power of good, instead of the power of annoying people. Also, Staff shirt? So very thrilled. I love it. Watch out, people; I'm Staff here! That shirt may be my favorite part of the event. So Kim put me on the book table, which was a little good and a little bad. I've read all of the YarnHarlot books and I love love LOVE them, so I was able to intelligently and enthusiastically discuss and recommend them. The bad part came when people would ask which one was the best, and I would say, "You need all three. No, really. You need all three. Don't let the shirt fool you. I'm not getting paid to say this. I just love the books SO MUCH. All three." Yeah, I don't think I actually convinced anyone to get all three books, but people actually waited until they'd backed away around a corner to run screaming from the Crazy Book Girl, which was nice of them.
The event itself was awesome (so many knitters!), and so fantastically run (great job, Kim!). There was a tiny little snafu with the vice squad showing up, but I think that only added to the event's legendary status. The YarnHarlot herself was fantastic. I wish I could remember more of what she said. Let me tell you, on paper she's funny, but in person, she's HILARIOUS. She has the awesome comic timing and feel for when to pause and draw it out, and then say something really fast . . . well, you just have to hear it.
Afterwards, we all got our books signed and limped home, exhausted. Some of my poor fellow volunteer ho's were pretty droopy. You could really tell who has to deal with the public in the course of their jobs. Those who don't were incredibly tuckered out and usually pretty pissed-off at the general rudeness of people. Me myself, I've worked in a petting zoo. I have seen human evil, and it is not pretty. I'm used to it. The Knitch girls (actual staff, not just faux-staff like me) were spectacular. They were so nice all day and just kept on going, even though most of them had been there for at least 12 hours. Bravo, gals.
Here is the part where I would show you pictures. However. Ahem. I brought my camera. I charged my camera batteries. I brought spare batteries. And then I put the whole thing in my bag, practically sitting on my dang feet, for crying out loud, and completely forgot to take one damn picture the entire time. Sigh. Bad blogger, no cookie. Here's some cat pictures.

They're so precious when they're unconscious.
Tonight, back to Knitch for knit night and heavy drinking. Well, not me. I'm Kim's designated knitter, so she can do some extra drinking. She's earned it!


Gotta Knit! said...

was wondering why all those knitters were coming around our corner and trampling me!

Claudia said...

Welcome to blogland! We have cookies and wine. ;-) Was good seeing you last night. I am still a little tired but I am hoping more sleep over the course of the weekend will help recover from the Yarn Harlot excitement.

Carina said...

You looked ravishing in yellow. Those who complained about the color of the shirts just don't have your regal carriage. See you Monday!

jana said...

yellow...it's a good thang. especially on ma fellow ho's. next time, can i be a designated knitter?

evilsciencechick said...

I'm trying to remember if I met you or not...hmmmm...

You'll have to come to Knitch on Sunday so I'll know for sure ;)

Yarn Harlot was AMAZING! Hopefully she'll come back to atlanta after her next book comes out!