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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas socks: done!

The Best Roommate Ever has been sick with death lately (not swine flu, just some sort of plague complete with hacking cough, making her life miserable). She's been getting plenty of rest and applying warm kitty compresses to speed the healing.

In other news: BRE's Christmas socks are finished! Woo-hoo! Now I have visions of Mason-Dixon's Felted Trees dancing through my head. They're just so cute, and look at how wee they are! They'd knit up in no time, like potato chips. Must . . . knit . . . cute . . . Christmas . . . decorations . . .

Monday, November 23, 2009

colder temperatures mean snugglier kitties

Or perhaps just kitties who like to help with the crossword puzzles.

Monday, November 2, 2009

giant turtles and knitting whining

In an effort to keep this from becoming the "all Shiny New Boyfriend, all the time" channel, I've uploaded our pictures to my Flickr page (twopointysticks, for those of you who want to suffer from nauseating cuteness, and also see me get mauled by a giant concrete turtle).

I turned the heel on the second Christmas sock for the Best Roommate Ever (after having drunk a glass of wine, I might add. Yes, that is enough to knock me on my butt. Yes, I am a prancing lightweight. I'm still awesome, with the sock heels, and the turning. Focus, people!) All I have left to do is the cuff, which makes for good movie knitting. The end is in sight! Still not bloggable, though. Just imagine all my other sock heels. Like that. Good.
My will to continue Paloma has completely fizzled out since blowing past the wedding deadline. And now that the weather has turned cold here (shut up! Sixty degrees is cold! It is too!), I want to knit chunky sweaters, and big warm hats, and cable-knit socks, not some wimpy little wispy lace thingy. I've promised myself that once I get to a stopping place in the pattern, I can put it aside for something else that got hibernated long ago. Or for yarn that has been in my stash so long that it's actually embarrassing.

Oh, my friends, how I've missed you.