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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thoughts while mowing the grass

Thoughts while mowing the grass:

Oooo. Cool breeze. Restores will to live . . .

Pteh! Cool breeze blows dust and grass in my face! Pteh!

I really need a boyfriend, so I can make someone else do this . . .

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm not dead yet! But I have been trying . . .

So I tried to kill myself twice on Tuesday. The first incident happened at work, where I bashed the ever-loving crap out of my left ankle on a pallet jack and scraped my wrist. The ankle hurt so bad I duct-taped an ice pack to it and just walked around like that for the rest of the day. (Too busy! No time for injuries!) The second happened later that night. The Best Roommate Ever and I were both in our beds, snuggled down to sleep, when I realized I had to pee and went down the stairs to the bathroom. For some reason unfathomable to me, I completely missed the bottom step. Just stepped off into space like it was perfectly natural. I slammed my arm into the doorknob, which gave me a fantastic bruise, and came down hard on my right ankle. I lay sprawled in the hallway, right across from BRE's door, trying to assess the damage. Nothing broken; everything I tried to wiggle wiggled. I heard BRE (jerked out of a sound sleep by some idiot falling flat on her face) say to me, "Are you ok?" "I'm fine," I replied, from my spot on the floor. "No, really." "No, no! I'm fine!" I lay there on the floor in the pitch black, wiggling my toes, and thought, 'This is comfy. Maybe I should just sleep here.' Then I realized. I still had to pee. Damn damn dammity damn.
My plan for Wednesday, mowing the lawn, was postponed until I could be trusted with a power tool with a big spinning blade on it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

funniest conversation EVER

Courtesy of Torchwood:

Toshiko: No, Owen, I can't just hook something up! The entire telephone network is down.

Owen: What about a mobile connection?

Toshiko: [slowly] The. Entire. Telephone. Network. Is down!

Ianto: Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string, everything, absolutely everything: no phones, phones all broken. [holds up hand in imitation of telephone] Hello? Anyone there? No! Because the phones aren't working!

Er, well, maybe you had to see it. But BRE and I rewinded and rewatched about three times. We're still texting it back and forth. Still funny.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

when knerds gather

I spent a lovely, nerd-alicious evening with two of my favorite knitting buds earlier this week, getting our geek on while playing with string and amusing/annoying the other restaurant patrons. We discussed, among other things, the merits of Kenneth Branagh productions of Shakespeare, except for Hamlet, because for the love of yarn, four hours is way too freakin' long for a movie. I mean really. Also, the unbearable whininess of Annakin Skywalker and how even though it made sense that the evil overlord of the galaxy would start out as a whiny little creep, it was still pretty unbearable to watch. Kelly waxed eloquent about the unbelievable arrogance of George Lucas for assuming the fans would give a crap about The Clone Wars after the first three movies sucked so much. I ranted about the crappiness of the writing in the Lord of the Rings books and how vindicated I felt when all of my complaints were echoed by the screenwriters in the director's commentary of the movies. We rehashed the greatest moments of DM of the Ring ("Tell me your name, horsef***er!"). Kelly and Kerry roundly mocked TS Elliot. We also argued the merits of the Harry Potter movies (I still say they sucked), and agreed that Richard Harris' performance as Dumbledore was terrible (I don't care that he's dead. His performance was terrible.), that Ian McKellan would have been infinitely superior, seeing as Gandalf and Dumbledore are practically the same character, and how awesome it would be if Sir Ian were to play Aberforth in the last movie. (How awesome would it be? So awesome that my bladder control becomes questionable, that's how awesome.)
We don't have to practice to be this geeky; it just comes naturally.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

low-stashing status: going . . . going . . .

. . . gone, baby, gone. These arrived in the mail last week: Summit Sock, hand-dyed sock yarn from Impulse of Delight.

The top one is Blackberry and the bottom one is Crocus. Here's a more accurate picture of the Blackberry.

The most awesomest and amazing thing about this yarn is: see the pics on the labels? The dyer is also an amazing nature photographer, and those are pictures she took. She then dyes the yarn based on the photographs. It's truly amazing, and all I can do not to just direct deposit my paycheck to her. (I also got this from her for my birthday. So pretty!)

And, AND! She gave me these with my purchase!

Cute little stitch markers! Which is perfect because I don't have any stitch markers! (I just fake it with paper clips when I have to.) Except they are too pretty to use as stitch markers so I strung them on a chain and am wearing them as a necklace.

See the cat hair? That's how you know it's me.

In other news: ta da!

Above picture is more accurate to color, but below pic shows the lace pattern better.

That is how the pieces looked at the beginning of the evening, and this is how they looked at bedtime.

I'm in the home stretch!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

things I've learned

If I look at my to-do list and it seems short and easily achievable, that means I'm forgetting like twelve things. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sleeve ahoy!

Sleeve #1: finished! Sleeve #2 soon to follow!

Monday, June 1, 2009

so . . . there was a sale at Knitch . . .

So . . . Knitch was having this great sale a week ago . . . and I found this beautiful lumpy, bumpy cream colored wool. I'm going to use it to make a nice, mesh-y sort of winter sweater, something a little sexy but still warm. And of course, the Vogue Knitting was lonely, so it had to come home with me, too.

I think I'm quickly losing my credibility when I call myself a low-stashing knitter.