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Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm IN!!!!

I'm on Ravelry!!! (insert dorky happy-dance)

Check me out at Twopointysticks.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

#20 (for real this time) and #21

Voila! Square #21, finished.

and Square #20, redone to my liking.

Perfectionists of the world, unite!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Meet the Fuzz-butts

When the Best Roommate Ever moved in, she brought with her two kitties, who are adorable and lovable and perfect at least 60% of the time. I hadn't had cats in a really long time, and I fell in love with the little boogers. They were both strays, rescued as kittens from parking lots by BRE. Now, of course, they are spoiled and rotten, and they like it that way.

First we have Jaymison, usually known as Jaymie, also known as James, Jamers, Lard-butt, Goober, the pesky one, and Oh my god please stop eating the mini-blinds.

Likes: ear rubbings, laundry baskets, eating the blinds, eating plastic, causing trouble, being on high things, kisses from Alex, and trying to catch Alex's big black fluffy tail through the glass coffee table. (All attempts have been so far unsuccessful.)

Dislikes: his belly fat being touched

We also have Alexander, usually known as Alex, also known as Fluffy Cat, Squeaker, Snot-ball, the snooty one, and Oh my god please stop horking up hair balls on the carpet.

Likes: his mommy, frequent tiny snacks, squeaking at his Auntie Kim to give him another snack even though she JUST FED HIM TEN MINUTES AGO, getting belly rubs from his mommy, and starting fights with Jaymie which he loses. Daily. Also likes: his mommy. He's a bit of a mama's boy.

Dislikes: anyone who doesn't recognize his innate superiority. This is a cat who understands his ancestors were worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt.

Jaymie is a people cat, the typical extrovert. He loves having Auntie Kim rub his ears, especially at 4 AM. He's not as cuddly, but he's much more outgoing.

Alex is aloof, an introvert. He loves his mommy totally, and is very possessive of her. He sleeps with her almost every night. I, on the other hand, am Not Mommy, and he's very clear about his boundaries on this subject. Alex will snuggle with me if, and only if: 1) Mommy has been gone for more than 4 days and 2)I am unconscious. He will then jump on my bed, lay with his tail draped over my ankle for about 5 minutes, and then leave. No more snuggling with occur until Mommy returns.

But any complaining I do about them is all good-natured. They are precious and wonderful, and I can't imagine my life without them. About a week after they moved in, I asked the Best Roommate Ever, "What did I do with my time before I had cats?" I can't remember.

Friday, August 24, 2007

August, August, go away . . .

Usually when I glance at the calendar and see that the month is already half over and I have no idea how time moved so quickly without my noticing, I'm baffled and chagrined. The other day, I looked up and saw that it was August 23rd, and my response was "Oh, thank God."
Georgia in the summertime.

Don't believe a word I say

OK, so, the largest sock in the world? Not so much at Needlenook last Wednesday, two days ago Wednesday, as this COMING Wednesday, the 29th. When I have a doctor's appointment with the nice man who will drip crap in my eyes and make me see funny and blow air into them and tell me not to flinch (yeah, right), and thus will be unable to attend. Damn sock keeps eluding me!
In other news, Knit Night at Knitch, the happiest place on earth, was wonderful, as always. I love my smaller group, but I also love the big nights, where I can meet new people or just fade into the background and eavesdrop as I wish. Plus, the Best Yarn-Store Proprietor Ever is almost always there, whereas she's hit-or-miss for the Monday nights, being busy with being a superhero and all.
My camera batteries want recharging, so no pictures today. More soon, I promise!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To recap

Monday: Meeting of the Monday Night Gypsy Knitters at The Highlander. No, I did not get the tots, legendary as they are, because we were on the patio. Better light than indoors, but hotter than hell and twice as humid. Having spent most of my summers outdoors in stupid climates for the past eight years, I was prepared. My trick? I put ice cubes in my sandals and rested my feet in the cold melted water. Mmmmm. The heat seriously hampered my knitting speed, though. I was knitting one . . . stitch . . . at a . . . time. But, no complaining. I'm trying to soak up as much heat as I can and enjoy the sultry summer while it lasts, so I can remember the heat come winter, when I am cold and bitter about it.

Tomorrow will find me at Needlenook, working on the world's largest sock. Oh, and sleeping late. Did I mention the sleeping late? Today was the Friday from hell at work. I'm going to sleep til I don't want to sleep no more.

My role models.

fun with coworkers

I have a coworker, whom I love to bits, who is a very grouchy guy. As hard and ruthless as a marshmallow on the inside, but very grouchy on the outside. We'll call him Oscar. We had the following exchange last week.

Oscar: "Hey, bring me my coffee cup!"

Me: "What's the magic word?"

Oscar: "Just do it, goddammit!"

Me: "Oscar, goddammit is not the magic word."

Monday, August 20, 2007

I ask you

Who makes a movie about chocolate with Johnny Depp as the love interest and does NOT include a climactic love scene with chocolate being drizzled onto Johnny Depp? Honestly, people!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

baaaaby beluuuuuuuga!

Brand-new from the Shedd aquarium.

Two-thirds done! (maybe)

Square #20 is finished!

Twenty down, ten to go.

Although, being the wacky perfectionist I am, I am not entirely happy with this square. It started good , but then there's that middle section of blue/bronze/blue/bronze/blue that I think could be better.

I'm going to put it on the wall with the others and let it marinate for a while; I'm hoping it will grow on me. It's so good to be two-thirds done. Gives me hope I might finish by winter.
Here's the fun pile of Kureyon I got to pick the next square from.

Don't you just want to roll in it?

who'da thunk?

Apparently, and I just learned this today, so it's still a new idea for me, but apparently, complaining about how slowly a project is going does not actually count as working on it. The project moves along no more swiftly, even if you are complaining enough to count as your cardio. (Love you, Crazy Aunt Purl!) Apparently one must do actual work on a project for it to creep closer to completion. Crazy, huh?

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yesterday the sky looked like this

all evening. Rain finally did happen, in the form of ten minutes of spitting, followed by immediate evaporation. Thanks, weather. That cooled things right off.

Even my favorite shirt did not help the weather along.

Today the weather is Freaking Hot, with -20% chance of rain, but all is well because the Best Roommate Ever and I have season 2 of House (love you, Netflix!) and I have one more repeat to finish on my latest square. We will watch Hugh Laurie smolder in that sexy, misanthropic way of his, and I will finish this square, dammit! I need a finished object so bad.