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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

bad blogger; no cookie

The total lack of posting lately has been brought to you by Ravelry. It's so maddeningly addictive. Plus, it makes it much more convenient for me to blog-stalk people like Yarn Harlot and Evil Science Chick (whom I actually met once, but was in Massive PMS Bitch mode and did not realize until later). Speaking of which: 14 days until Yarn Harlot at Knitch!!!! So far the excitement has not caused loss of bladder control, but I'm not making any promises. In lieu of actual content: souvenir yarn from the recent trip to St. Louis!

Sock yarn of course. I was complaining to my knitting friends one time, "Why didn't you tell me how addictive sock knitting is?" And they replied, "We DID. Over and over and OVER. You just didn't believe us." Oh. Right.


Eve said...

You'll like the Cherry Tree Hill. It's not quite as nice as Jitterbug, imho, but I'm enjoying knitting with it. Let me know how you like the Anne.

Gotta Knit! said...

I see your sock yarn is finally catching up to all those sock patterns you purchased that night at Knitch.