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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's that time of year again. The winter solstice, the darkest night of the year, has come and gone. The sun creeps out earlier and sets a little later each day, but the weather turns increasingly cold. All sensible creatures hunker down and hibernate until spring. It's a time to reflect, repent, revise and resolve.
A friend's recent breakup of a five-year relationship has led to many deep discussions and ponderings about the nature of love. This recent comic also struck a chord of recognition with me. It depicts, with eerie accuracy, the course of um, all of my relationships. Because when I think back on them and on my exes, I don't miss them. I don't miss our relationship.
I do get lonely. I miss very much being special to someone. And I have a loving family and many friends who shower me with affection, and I try to soak up as much of that as I can to fend off the lonelies. But I miss having someone who thinks that I am special and wants to be with me and make me happy. Boys can be very cute when they want you to like them back. And I am both very cheap and very hermit-y, so a boyfriend is good for getting me out of the house and forcing me to try new stuff. The only time I ever go to movies is with a boy, and though I go out to restaurants weekly with friends, I don't eat. I am so tight, I squeak.
So I miss that. But I know (oh how I know), that the only thing worse than no boyfriend is the wrong boyfriend, and I would rather be lonely by myself than lonely with someone. Because there is no worse feeling in the world than being lonely with someone laying in bed next to you.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Christmas knitting is finished!

Socks for Mom. For some reason, this colorway doesn't photograph well. It's a very lovely teal and brown, called Teal Party actually, in Claudia Handpainted. She picked out the yarn herself, but she can't remember what color it was anymore. My evil plan worked perfectly.

Socks for the Best Roommate Ever, in Lotus Yarns Nirvana. The colorway is called Dig, and it's a beautiful mix of golds and coppers and bronze.

Felted Clogs for my brother-in-law. He and my sister live in one of those uber-trendy concrete lofts, so she suggested slippers to keep his tootsies warm.

Here's how big they are before felting. (That's my foot, not his.) If I were a nice person, I'd felt them before gifting, but a) I want to let them dry on his feet so they'll mold perfectly to fit him, and b) I want to see the look on his face when he unwraps these and says, "Boy, thanks! What the hell is it?" I'm a bad person.

A hat for my little sister. She recently dyed her hair a brilliant red, and the pink (fun fur: oh, the shame!) hat I made for her a few years ago clashes terribly. She also has cute little bangs, so I made her a tam so she can avoid crushing her hairdo.

Here's the detail close-up. It's not as easy to tell as I'd like, but those are little hearts done in purl stitches.

Merry Christmas to all from everyone here at Chez Light Wading!

Friday, December 19, 2008

(actual) fun with coworkers

Coworkers, I think, are the part of a job that simultaneously has the greatest effect on your work experience while being the part that you have the least control over. Coworkers can make a crappy job fun and a fabulous job miserable, yet you can't interview potential coworkers, or negotiate for better coworkers. They're a little like family that way: you're stuck with what you get, so you just have to figure out how to deal with their eccentricities. Every once in a while, a coworker comes along that you actually like, who makes you laugh and makes your day go by faster, a coworker that, if you are really lucky and very good and eat all your vegetables and pray real hard, knits.
Enter Sara. In addition to being one of the sweetest people to ever draw breath and a maker of nummy nummy baked goods, she was kind enough to allow me to teach her to knit. I taught her two years ago, took her to a few yarn stores, gave her some yarn from a sweater that defied me once too often. She took to it right away, made a scarf or two, a couple of hats for Christmas, but showed no sign of falling down the rabbit hole. (Unlike some of us, ahem.)
Then a month or so ago, she blithely announced that she was knitting a pair of socks for her mom. She also wanted to find a pattern for a cabled hat. Not one to miss an opportunity, I let her use my Ravelry account to surf for patterns. Three days later, she had her own Rav-name.
She has fallen and fallen hard. I couldn't be prouder if I'd raised her my ownself.

She's Knittingscared on Ravelry. Look her up and say hi. She's having the most horrible case of hives right now, and I know she'd love the encouragement.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas knitting

My brother-in-law's first slipper is done. Well, except there's this second sole thing I have to knit and attach, and then I have to felt the whole shebang, but I'm focusing on progress. Whee, progress. I think it makes a remarkably attractive hat, but the Best Roommate Ever disagrees.

Tres sexy, non?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Party aftermath

Party has been thrown and was a wild success! Everyone declared my house "adorable" while I regaled them with stories of getting the toilet installed the day before we moved in. Cookies were eaten, champagne was drunk (thanks, Fairy Yarn Mother!), the knitters behaved themselves and refrained from overtly scaring the non-knitters. A few pics of my apartment (HOUSE! Not apartment. House!), all sparklied up:

Many wonderful prezzies found their way into my home.

The cutest teapot ever, with tea from Sara, Coworker of Awesomeness

a nummy nummy candle from the lovely lady at Reporebo Yarns. I also received an illustrated copy of the Devil's Dictionary from blogless Alice, and from my Dad, what every little girl dreams of:

my own drill and bit set!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just got a bill from Dekalb Medical center for almost $900 for a procedure that was done in JANUARY. The letter says something like "it has been 30 days since we billed your insurance provider . . . " Well, NO FREAKING KIDDING, JERKS! If you'll excuse me, I have to go invent new curse words, since my current stock is woefully inadequate. Any suggestions?

Monday, December 8, 2008

does a thing like this happen to a nice girl like me?

Usually, I am a card-carrying, flag-waving, loud-and-proud member of the Selfish Knitters Club. No, really, check it out. And yet, somehow I have ended up planning a handknit gift for almost every person on my Christmas list. The Best Roommate Ever is getting handknit socks, as is my mom; my sister is getting a hat, and my not-yet-but-might-as-well-be-and-one-day-will-be brother-in-law is getting slippers. (Ok, actually, I know how it happened. I put down a downpayment on a house and realized I was out of money. That's no excuse for my actions, though. What the hell was I thinking?)
Fortunately, I'm coming along pretty well. Mom's socks (begun in July) and my sister's hat (made with Cashmerino Superultracrazybulky) are finished. BRE's socks are done up to the cuffs, so I'm hoping a few knit nights will knock those out. My brother-in-law's slippers, though . . . Does this look even remotely like a slipper?

I'm scared.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Party on!

OK, new plan! Party is on Saturday the 13th, from 1-ish to 4-ish. Email me for directions!