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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

gifts from the goddess

And by goddess, I mean, of course, Kerry: knitter, spinner, dyer and gardener extraordinaire, Skanky Ho, all around awesome gal, and one of my favorite people. Even more so because she has gifted me so generously with some of her nummy handspun yarn to play with. I get such a smug sense of satisfaction from that. I have entered the rarefied and hallowed halls of those known as Test Knitters. Ha, ha! I get to play with yarn that you don't!
Ahem. Sorry. Lost control of myself for a minute there. On to the yarn!

Isn't it beautiful?
First we have some gorgeous single-ply handspun in golds and purples.

I love the fall colors. The possible destiny of this yarn? The Hexagon Bag by Norah Gaughan from the fall issue of knit simple.

Number 2: the softest, squooshiest superwash merino dyed with easter egg dyes. It is the most cheerful blues and pinks and lavenders and the softest lime.

Possible destiny? Bedsocks (fingers crossed that there will be enough.) Or, possibly, I will carry it around with me forever as my security yarn, to hug when I feel sad or people are being mean to me. Hey, there's nothing wrong with having security yarn.

Number 3: the most beautiful subtle yarn I think I have ever seen, and certainly the best-smelling yarn of all time. I cannot stop snorting this yarn. Ok, well, no I haven't really tried to stop, because I don't want to. (Raise your hand if you also obsessively smell yarn. Please enable my hard-won feeling of normality.) It is hand-dyed, handspun blue-face Leicester, and I love it totally.

At first glance, it looks grey and brown, but when you look closer, these fantastic subtle reds and blues and purples appear. I'm hoping to make it into a vest, a la Knitting on Impulse.

And there you have the tale of my generous bounty from Kerry's wheel, first delivered to me in a darkened parking lot (which felt so furtive and illicit) and now reigning in a place of honor in a glass mixing bowl on my dresser. I hope the Best Roommate Ever doesn't want to bake anytime soon.


Debbie said...

Kerry does have a serious talent for dying her yarn. I don't think she really has a clue how talented of an eye she has. That Skanky Ho!

Kerry said...



I believe none of it!! Seriously though, you make a girl feel all special and talented and shtuff. XD

BTW that first yarn was definitely not dyed by me--it was a Spunky Eclectic roving. The other two (far inferior) skeins were indeed my own dye experiments.

Carina said...

What nice yarn from the ho goddess. Your photography is also very artistic. You are not alone, I also smell yarn. I actually smell most things in my environment. Clothes before I put them on, food, drink, my husband, etc.

Megan said...

Gorgeousness in a bowl.

And I second what Debbie said.