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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not only is she the Best Roommate Ever, she's also a freakin' genius

The Best Roommate Ever and I have phone service solely for the internet. (It is a tiny bit cheaper than Comcast and yes, we've looked into getting just internet without phone but there are reasons why it's a pain in the butt. So thank you for your helpful suggestions, but let's get on with the story.) Anyway, we have a phone, but having cell phones, the only calls we get on the home phone are telemarketers. This is a huge annoyance, as you might imagine.
Related story: I had a friend in college who would always answer the phone with some weird made-up business, like, "Joe's House of Pies!" One time I was expecting a call from a boy and she answered, "Alabama Wholesale Furnishings!" and he hung up and wouldn't call back. This was actually a great weed-out technique, as he turned out to be a loser. But anyway.
I was relating this friend's technique to BRE, just idly telling a story, and she apparently took it to heart. She's become a full-fledged competitor in the game of Fun With Telemarketers. Her favorite so far? "Roberto's House of Wine! We offer a wide selection of fine Spanish wines for a variety of tastes and price points!" Her complaint? "They hung up before I could tell them the specials!"
I love this girl.

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Debbie said...

um, can I taste test the specials?