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Friday, November 28, 2008

if it's not one thing, it's another . . .

So, housewarming party plans have been derailed already. I have an appointment at 3 that I can't move or skip. So . . . I seek opinions from those of you more socially ept than I. (Or from those just as socially inept as I am. I like opinions. If you've got one, throw it in.) Should I move the party to the next Saturday (the 13th)? Or is that edging into Christmas-crazy-busy-ness territory? Or, should I move the party to later in the day, say, starting at 5-ish? Or is that edging too close into dinner territory? I was going for a little afternoon gathering with snacks for noshing, because I really truly don't cook, and while the CDC is quite nearby, I don't want people to show up with the expectation that I'm capable of feeding them a non-fatal dinner. Halp!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a year in socks

Happy Thanksgiving, all ye of American persuasion! I was reminiscing the other day about this time last year, when I was working on the RPM socks and taking them for a little jaunt in the mountains of north Georgia. Which led to my wondering how many socks I had completed since them, which led to a little impromptu photo session on my new living-room rug.

Six pair, not counting the socks I finished for my Mom's Christmas present, or the socks I'm working on for BRE. Not bad. I'm no Quiddity, but I'm pretty pleased with myself. (How that woman can turn out so many socks so fast is a constant source of wonder and befuddlement to me. It's truly amazing. I would be jealous, but she's such a delightful person that I just can't. And she has the cutest cats ever.)
The house is coming along at a good, steady pace. Every day there's a tiny bit less chaos. Of course, Jaymie is helping as only he can.

I think we're ready for a housewarming party, which I'm tentatively scheduling for Saturday, December 6th, early afternoon-ish. Consider yourself invited! Email me for address and/or directions.

Last year I put together a really great Thanksgiving post, and while this year's will not be as full of deep thoughts and ponderings, I think it's important to be thankful and remind yourself of the good things in your life. So, in no particular order, I'm thankful for:
  • my parents, who have basically given up their lives and all their spare time to fix up this house. This would absolutely not have been possible without them.
  • the Best Roommate Ever, who proved herself even more awesome than I would have thought possible with all the renovation and moving chaos.
  • my knitting friends, who keep demanding to know when I'm going to let them come over and paint my house for me. You can't get better friends than that.
  • all of my extended family, whom I got to see this year for a big wedding, and whom I'll get to see again next year for another wedding. And for never asking me, "When is your turn?" because then I'd have to hurt them and that would ruin everyone's fun.
  • the kittenbeasts, to whom I am the sole mommy for Thanksgiving week, as BRE is out of town visiting family. I promised her that if I sold them to the gypsies in her absence, I'd get a good price for them.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!