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Friday, February 29, 2008

What else? Sock progress.

All this emotional turmoil is terrible for the soul, but great for the knitting.

Much progress has been made on the dancing flames socks. The pattern is simultaneously soothing and mesmerizing; it's great for those times when my brain is too full. I finished the second toe last night at Knit Night. I'm waiting to bind off the first sock until I see how much yarn the second one will take. So far I'm very impressed with the yardage, but I hate having tiny little balls of yarn left over. I like to do both socks toe-up and bind off both with only inches of yarn to spare. I live on the edge.

Very many thanks for the well-wishes and good thoughts sent my way. I appreciate it muchly; it helps to know people are thinking of me and rooting for me.

"What is this I'm feeling? Is it pain? Panic? Hunger? Am I hungry? Who's hungry?"
20 points to anyone who can tell me the origin of this quote


Nell said...

Beautiful socks on a BEAUTIFUL woman.

Jana said...

grosse pointe blank. i win, circle gets the square.

Kim said...

Oh, you totally win!