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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have a confession to make . . .

I've been holding out on you. I recently discovered, to my horror, that the woman responsible for Brookside Yarns is no longer dyeing yarn. I have coveted her yarn for years, and now the stash of sale yarn at Knitch is the only yarn available in the world. (I did put up an ISO post on Ravelry, though, just in case.) I immediately snapped up all Kim had of the brown, and some of the pink and the red.

And it is well on its way to becoming a sweater.

Look at those colors. Isn't that spectacular?

As you can tell from the top picture, the three balls of brown are VERY different dye lots, so I'm having to alternate two rows of each, but it's worth it. If only I could find some of the blue . . .

Hedera is coming right along. I think this is the first real picture I've taken of it, because it's my work knitting (small, portable, with a chart that looks complex enough that I can pretend I can't talk while knitting, but really memorizable enough that I can if I want to.)

Must go to sleep; it's waaaay past my bedtime.

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Gotta Knit! said...

You have been holding out on us.