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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the return from the land of blah

Greetings, my blogging friends; how I've missed you. I've just returned from a long and tedious journey through the Land of Blah. For over a week, I felt like this:

or this:

which was even more fun for those who have to put up with me. I was cranky and grouchy and felt crummy all the time, and I didn't like any of my knitting and I didn't want to cast on anything new because I didn't like any of the yarn I had at home and I didn't want to go yarn shopping. You know it's bad when you don't want to go yarn shopping.

But thankfully my will to knit has returned, and I feel another "Heel, yeah!" coming on!

Not one but two lovely sock heels completed, and all that's left to do is the cuffs. The only drizzle on my parade is that, do you see the teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy little ball of yarn between my feet? That's all that left of this yarn. In the entire world. So I'm thinking these are either going to have very short cuffs, or when I run out of yarn, I'll finish in purple. They are just about the softest, squooshiest socks in the world, so I will be happy no matter what.

I have a three-day weekend coming up, so lots more knitting and pictures to come!


Gotta Knit! said...

Go, baby, go!

Had the funniest dream about you! It was all filled with you having the most amazing number of days off because "it's a zoo holiday". Needless to say, the rest of us were way pissed off at your good fortune.

Jana said...

heel yeah, girl. i'm in the land of blah, too. forcing myself to pick up my sticks, hoping it will leave soon. 3 day weekend? whut? socks look great, finish in purple, says i.