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Monday, January 21, 2008

walking in a winter wonderland

"Hey, what are you doing to me? Get this thing off me! Hate you. Hate the leash. Hate you!"

"Feet are cold and wet! Bad! Delicate kitten is freezing and dying!"

"What was that?!"

"Ok, that's enough. Let's go inside!"

"Cold and wet on my poor little feet!"

"Now how do I open this thing?"

"Crap! I don't have thumbs!"

"Mom, open this door right now!"

"I wanna go back out! What do you mean, I hated it last time? C'mon Auntie Kim!"

After we let the poor frozen kitties back inside, they spent 20 minutes licking their poor delicate little paws, and the last two days meowing at the door for us to let them back outside. Monsters.


Gotta Knit! said...

You are brave.

The Mad Crocheter said...

I love this! Too adorable!

Of course, the sitting by the door bitching to go back out is the main reason I never tried to teach Katie to walk on leash. (This was before I realized she was quite possibly too dumb to learn anything...)

Jana said...

awe!! i wish maisie and ghost would let me leash them. they hate that crap.

Jana said...

do you have a where the wild things are pillow?

omigod, i think you just became the coolest chick ever.

The Chickengoddess said...

Cat torturer! Evil woman! Cats must stay inside in climate controlled comfort with beautiful dry paws in a well placed large window and preferable on something comfy and soft so they can survey the world at their leisure. What were you thinking, human? Bring more food now.