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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

heel, yeah!

And toe, yeah!

The only good thing about interminable waits at the doctor's office is the impressive amount of knitting you can get done. I started and finished the heel in the waiting room, and did the second toe when I got home. The only thing that's making me nervous? I have this much yarn left.

Keep your needles crossed for me. (Or your hooks, if that's the way you roll.)


The Mad Crocheter said...

Oh yeah, baby. You *know* how I roll. *leer*

Seriously though, is the worry running out of the yummy sock yarn before finishing the next sock? That does sound pretty scary.

Also, I like the penguin. :)

Gotta Knit! said...

I knew something was not quite right with the world. Then I saw your half socked foot on a table and the world began to move correctly once again.

Jana said...

i think you will be okay given the amount of yarn you have left. and i am gonna need threes. yep. three gauge swatches = twos and threes. la la la. how's your boobage?