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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just in case you doubted that I'm crazy . . .

The dancing flames socks were finished, bound off, and photographed in the wild at the Yarn Harlot. (Many thanks to Gotta Knit for these pics.)

(Aside: I love this picture. I look so demure with my crossed ankles, don't I? The first and last time in my life, I'm sure.)

They look pretty finished, right? . . . . Or are they?

Imagine the shock and dismay when I appeared at the next knit gathering, working on the same damn socks. I wasn't happy with them. In my eagerness to widen them to accommodate my calves, I went a little overboard. Also, the 1x1 twisted rib that I used for the cuff was not nearly stretchy enough. So, I did what any sensible crazy person would do, and ripped them back one and a half repeats, picked up the lace pattern (by now, I could do this one while anesthetized) . . .

and reknit. I changed the ribbing to a nice 2x2 rib and I left the sock circumference at 80 stitches, instead of 88.

Crazy? Yes. But I'm so much happier with the fit now.

The Mad Crocheter said to me, "Kim, you're a sock perfectionist." No, darlin', I'm an everything perfectionist. Socks are just the only medium in which this level of perfectionism is practical, much less achievable.


Hockey Mom said...

Your socks are gorgeous! ALMOST makes me want to do a pair of knee socks. Almost. I don't know I have the patience to take a pair of socks to that level. I get frustrated and want them NOW NOW NOW.

And the color? It is awesome.

Gotta Knit! said...

Oh how I hate to say this but you were right to redo them.

Megan said...

I'm a big fan of re-doing my knitting. You are always so much happier with the finished product. That's why I don't knit for other people -- they always get impatient waiting for my gift!

Megan said...

Hey, I just realized my foot made your blog! My foot is famous!

Course, my foot is covered by a store-bought sock. Not a fancy knee-high flame sock. It's a beautiful sock, especially now that it is flawless!!!