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Monday, March 31, 2008

ask me how the dancing flames socks are going

Go ahead. I dare you.

The dancing flames socks were coming along very well (note the use of the past tense? Cue the ominous music). They were creeping ever closer to my knees (note to self: Cherry Tree Hill does NOT skimp on yardage. This is definitely yarn to buy again.) One quiet evening, I was trying them on to see if I had enough yarn left to make them into knee-highs, and I asked the Best Roommate Ever, "Do these look a little stretched on my calves?"

She looked over and said, "Uh-huh." Damn.

Now, I love BRE, I really do. She is honest and forthright and I value her opinion. Even when I don't particularly like her opinion. So I ripped back each sock three repeats and added an extra eight-stitch repeat per pattern repeat.

So by the time the socks are hugging my muscular calves, they are 88 stitches around instead of 64, which seems to have solved the problem.

Which is all well and good and yay for problem solving and knitting triumphs and knitting things that actually fit your body parts, but I am really really tired of these socks. I still love them because they are beautiful and the pattern is fun to knit (I know, still. I'm beginning to edge dangerously close to that line between easily amused and simple-minded.) Maybe if I am a very good girl and eat all my vegetables and work hard on my socks, one day, some day far in the future, I will get to knit something else while wearing my beautiful knee-high socks. Probably just in time for summer.


Gotta Knit! said...

Stop the flames! Just stop.

Laurie said...

The flames look to me like they are coming along nicely. Of course, you are right...by the time you are done, the heat of the summer will be upon you and your legs will indeed feel like they are in flames, covered in knee-highs! Oh well. As always, the weather will eventually turn to another temperature.

I squealed (just a little) when I read your entry about the fur ponchos. I, too, wonder about the nasty neons and the pretend fibers. What is wrong with people?

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