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Saturday, October 27, 2007


This is sort of like one of those obnoxious word problems from high school algebra: If a knitter, traveling at thirty-five mph from Boston has just finished thirty Lizard Ridge squares and has gone a little stir-crazy from the sameness of it all, how many new projects can she cast on in a 48-hour period? Bonus: how many of them will be socks?
Here we have the magic of transformation:

Take one crappy, heavily pooling Monkey sock cuff, apply heavy frogging, and voila!

You have sock yarn! I love sock yarn. I do not like crappy socks with bad pooling that, it turns out, are too tight to go over my heel. (A huge shout-out to Thursday Night Kerry for untangling the Giant Knot I made. I owe you my firstborn.)
Likewise, take one shawl that was cute in concept, but in real life was not actually big enough to wrap around one's shoulders, thus 1) entirely negating its usefulness as a shawl, and 2) making me look like a cross between a hippy and a Russian peasant girl, which is not at all flattering.

Heavy frogging transforms it from a crappy shawl to . . . .

Sock yarn?! I love sock yarn! (Big thanks to the Yarn Sprite for assisting with the frogging. You're the best, and also the cutest.)
In the news of Actual Progress, we have the RPM socks, which previously looked like this

And now look like this

Here it is on. Yes, I know the picture is lousy; do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own foot from the side?

I am so close to the heel, I can taste it! And my foot is not normally that funny-looking. At least I hope it's not.
We also have swatching for another sock.

I'm hoping this will become Hedera, from Cookie A.
And last, we have one of my favorites

Kerry's handspun

Which is going to be a squishy, squooshy keyhole scarf. Go check out her Etsy shop.

As for me, I have a sock heel to turn.


Debbie said...

what is it with you and knots? Weren't you the one that got so tangled up in the skein to ball machine at Knitch?

Kerry said...

AHHH! My yarn is being knit!!! You must bring it tonight for me to examine! ;)