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Sunday, October 7, 2007

he's helping

As I've been doing all these squares, I've usually had a little bit of extra from each ball. I've saved these leftovers for no real reason (as the Yarn Harlot says, "Yarn good. Me keep yarn.") Or so I thought, until I realized I had an awful lot of leftovers. It turns out, as the fancy gram scale at work tells me, that I have enough, with Jana's generous contribution, for the last two squares. Sweet. I laid them all out yesterday to put them together into some sort of cohesive ball with non-ugly color progressions. (Purple should not come after orange.)


is what I was trying to do.

This is what actually happened.

Alex did not find the game as amusing as Jaymie.

1 comment:

jana said...

awe. that's what maisie and ghost like to do. yarn is good.