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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Great Spit-Splicing Marathon of 2007

Yesterday, in the sanctuary of The Greatest Yarn Store Ever, I began the Great Spit-Splicing Marathon of 2007. I was going to attempt this at home, but The Greatest Yarn Store Ever two distinct advantages: 1) It has a ball-winder, and 2) it is helpful-kitty-free. After a grueling hour of spit-splicing, I managed to turn this

into this.

It is my very own ball of Franken-Kureyon. The fancy gram scale at work tells me I should have enough for my last two Lizard Ridge squares. (1 square = 38.5g. Scrap yarn = 94g. My math skills tell me this should be plenty. My reality skills are a little less certain.) More pictures as the squares progress.

PS: No, I did not actually use spit. I used a glass of water like a civilized person. I didn't feel like horking up multi-colored hairballs; I figured I'd leave that to the cats.

PPS: My right shoulder is really sore today. How embarrassing, on a scale of one to ten, would it be to sustain an Extreme Spit-Splicing injury and have to explain that to the nice medical professionals?


Debbie said...

Gee if I'd only known I would have brought popcorn and watched. tee hee

jana said...

wow. that's impressive. well done!