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Monday, February 23, 2009

let me give you the tour . . .

Welcome to my humble abode. I've been meaning to do a big blog tour of my house since, well, since I bought it, but the crazed fixings-up have kept me busy, and the house kind of scary and unpresentable for a long time. (Case in point.) So this little tour will be taking us through the parts of the house that do not look frightening.

First we have the "formal entryway." That was how it was described in the ad, and it cracks me up endlessly because it is tiny. Wee. Both itsy and bitsy. The picture above is all there is to it. I have had closets bigger than this. "Formal entryway" makes it sound enormous and grand, like we should put in marble and a sweeping spiral staircase and a chandelier.

Then we have the living room, now a lovely apple/mossy green color. This is where the Best Roommate Ever and I hang out in the evenings, engaging in our grueling Spinster Training Sessions by watching Jeopardy and hours of Murder She Wrote on DVD.

Here is the kitchen:
The walls are the exact color of tumeric. I've always wanted an orange kitchen, and now I have it. I rule! The cabinets are all IKEA, and I put every single one together myself. So worth it in the end, but the screwdriver blisters were brutal, let me tell you. The kitchen gets the best light in the late afternoon, and it's so warm and orangy-golden. I love it.

BRE painted the bathroom this beautiful blue all by herself on her day off. She went over to the house, put up one coat of paint, went back to the apartment, spent four hours packing and moving boxes to the house, and then put up a second coat of paint. There are no words.

I'm still undecided about the mirror situation. The bathroom came with a medicine cabinet, which I am loathe to part with, but we got a bigger sink, so the placement is very weird. Mom found these great little mirrors for me with leaves and shells and things on them, and words like "believe", "create" and "inspire". I like this placement and I hope it looks more organic and natural than weird.

I hope you enjoyed the partial tour of my little house! More pics to come as I enforce civilization and order throughout the place.

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