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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

finished objects everywhere!

Well, it's definitely been one thing after another here in the Land of Wading Lightly. Between the Best Roommate Ever's mom (who is doing great!), an old friend succumbing to cancer, nuclear-meltdown-level work drama for me and BRE, and Jaymie licking a cut on his foot until it became a big nasty infection requiring antibiotics and e-collars, we've been run ragged. Fortunately, all the fretting, worrying and carrying on has been fantastic for my productivity, both knitting- and painting-wise.

The living room and the entryway both got their second coats while BRE's mom was having surgery, and then touch-ups over the weekend.

I finished these warm and snuggly beauties, and I am done, done I tell you, with Felted Clog knitting for this winter. The pattern is awesome and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. I really like the marble-ized effect you can get knitting with two different colors.

I also finished (woo-hoo!) my Brookside sweater, at long last. It is every bit as warm and cozy and pretty as I was hoping it would be.

For now, BRE and I are recovering our strength, hoping for more boring times to come. All this excitement has worn us out.

Satellite Kitten says: I'm on ur TV, boosting ur signal.


rereadingproust said...

Are you watching the Pride & Prejudice miniseries? I know that always cheers me up.

Gotta Knit! said...

That photo doesn't do justice to your Brookside sweater. It was gorgeous on you Monday.

Jane said...

All your projects look great!

Eve said...

Great sweater, and where can I get a satellite kitty?

nobbit said...

Satellite kitty made me crack up. You and Jerris and Emmy have the exact same color living room :)