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Saturday, June 28, 2008

the Best Roommate Ever

So, last night, I was fixing my dinner and the Best Roommate Ever was watching TV, waiting for me so we could watch the last DVD in season 1 of Heroes. As I was settling in, the picture went black, and we thought, "Hmm, that's weird. I guess that channel just went out." So she got up to put the DVD in, and we realize: it's all the channels. And the DVD player. We can hear the DVD playing. But we can't see it. Nothing but blackness. Crap.
BRE, brave soul that she is, dug out the manual and called the customer service number. She was on the phone for, I kid you not, at least an hour and a half. She had one customer service guy hang up on her; one who knew nothing, and her supervisor knew nothing and cared even less, and then she spent a better part of an hour getting switched from department to department, with nobody actually being able to give her any information. At one point, I heard her yell, "No wait, don't transfer me, I just came from there- crap!" All she wanted to know was, is this a $20 repair, or a$300 repair? Sadly, no one knew. I knew it was getting bad when I heard her yelling, "I'm trapped in the Customer Service Vortex of Hell." Never a good sign. She was finally able to find an actual repair center, although it wasn't open, so she thought she'd leave a message. Did they have an answering machine? Of course not! By the time this was all over, the throbbing vein in her forehead had subsided and she was laughing, kind of hysterically. Poor BRE. This is why I make her socks.

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Gotta Knit! said...

Geeze, I would have needed a stiff drink or two after that.