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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

. . . and it's a long way to Tallahassee and back . . .

Almost as soon as I got to Tallahassee, I had to turn right back around and scamper home, because there are only two of us who work on Sunday, and management's solution to this problem is that neither of us can ever have a Sunday off. Good thinking, management. So 9 AM on Saturday saw me leaving town again, approximately 36 hours after my arrival.
I was told that the kitties missed me while I was gone.

Can't you tell?

I hadn't seen any of my Tally folks for five years, and I missed them more than I realized. It was so good to spend some time with people who know me and know that I'm crazy and love me anyway. Working with the guys I do is very wearing on the ego (especially considering that THREE of them have told me that my tummy is too fat. Creeps.) It was nice to just soak up the love for a while. Sometimes life is harder than it should be, and I'm against it. I feel bad that I let people get so out of touch, but I guess the take-home lesson is to do better in the future.


Sampson said...

Your kitties are RIDICULOUSLY cute.

nobbit said...

I'm waiting for drool to start flowing from the one hanging off the table. Too cute.