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Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't believe a word I say

OK, so, the largest sock in the world? Not so much at Needlenook last Wednesday, two days ago Wednesday, as this COMING Wednesday, the 29th. When I have a doctor's appointment with the nice man who will drip crap in my eyes and make me see funny and blow air into them and tell me not to flinch (yeah, right), and thus will be unable to attend. Damn sock keeps eluding me!
In other news, Knit Night at Knitch, the happiest place on earth, was wonderful, as always. I love my smaller group, but I also love the big nights, where I can meet new people or just fade into the background and eavesdrop as I wish. Plus, the Best Yarn-Store Proprietor Ever is almost always there, whereas she's hit-or-miss for the Monday nights, being busy with being a superhero and all.
My camera batteries want recharging, so no pictures today. More soon, I promise!

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