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Thursday, May 14, 2009

isn't this supposed to be a knit blog?

Why, yes! Yes, it is. I have in fact been knitting, just not blogging. I finished my first Peacock Feathers sock on Monday

Actually, I finished it almost two weeks ago, only to discover that it was way too short. I had to rip out the toe and add another repeat to the foot. Stupid star toe. More attractive than a standard toe, but a lot shorter.

Very pretty, though. I love how this lace pattern looks like feathers.

I've also finished the body for Primrose Path.

I like my shirts a little long, so I may be adding some more length.

I've also decided to do it as a bottom-up raglan instead of doing set-in sleeves, because set-in sleeves like to kick my ass and then taunt me. There's only one lace chart for the yoke, so that shouldn't be too difficult to adapt, right? Right?
Here's a little teaser of what's kept me from blogging for so long.

Pics to follow soon!

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Eve said...

Love the socks and love the top! We don't mind waiting for blog posts if we get to see such great knitting pictures.