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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

bad knit-blogger! no cookie!

I went back through my archives and realized my last post was the first I'd shown of my recent WIPs. Bad blogger. No cookie.
The socks are Veil of Leaves by Cat Bordhi. Whereas Cat thinks the pattern looks like leaves, I think it looks a lot like the feathers of a peacock's tail all fanned out. And since I happen to have some extra-special yarn that looks just like the colors of a peacock . . .

Dream in Color Smooshy, a gift from Treats for Breathing. I absolutely love this picture. It shows the color and the pattern really well, and I love how the lamplight turned everything all golden. I can't believe I didn't post it before. Hm. Bad knit-blogger, no cookie.
This pattern, I have to tell you, blew my ever-loving mind. Cat Bordhi will do that. Someone way more articulate that I (probably the Yarn Harlot) once said that when doing a Cat Bordhi pattern, you can't try to think, you just have to do exactly what the directions say and it will all turn out OK. Boy! Howdy! Is that ever true. Every time I tried to visualize or otherwise think about what I was doing/supposed to do next, I'd lose days to confusion and head-scratching. Fingers crossed that the second one will go more smoothly, now that I know not to think.

Here's a progress pic with Helpful Kitty Paw (tm). I modified the pattern a little to include a little lace panel going down the top of the foot. I couldn't make it fit with the lace pattern from the cuff because of the increases, so there's a little stockinette border between the cuff and instep. I think it turned out all right, and it proves that I am biologically incapable of knitting a plain sock.

This is something just wonderful I fell in love with at Needlenook (the second-greatest yarn store on earth. Sorry, guys, but there's no way you're beating out Knitch.)

Katia Bombay, a nice sport-weight mercerized cotton. I realized this would be just perfect for something else I had fallen in love with, from Twist Collective

Primrose Path, by Angela Hahn.

It's been a really quick knit, with just enough lace to keep it interesting. (Although I wouldn't recommend it for those who hate ribbing.) I'm using the yarn doubled, which is breaking up the striping somewhat, although it's still pretty stripy. I think it'll come out fine, though. If not, you'll be hearing me say, "Primrose Path? No, I never knit that sweater. What are you talking about?" :-)

The second picture is a more accurate depiction of the colors. The pinks remind me of all the lovely spring flowers we have in Atlanta, from the softer dogwoods to the riotous, kick-to-the-eyeball-neon azaleas. I'm modifying the pattern from set-in sleeves (which are my archnemesis) to a bottom-up raglan. I cast on for the first sleeve last night while watching Mythbusters. Hopefully, more progress to report soon!
Thanks to all of you with your patience for my incredibly sporadic posting of late. Pics to come soon of what was keeping me so busy, as soon as I finish with the touch-ups!

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