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Sunday, August 24, 2008

the theme for this week: creation!

I woke up Wednesday morning (the first day of my "weekend") with a wicked pancake craving, so, armed only with my wits, a vegan cookbook and a spatula, I made these little beauties.

Mmmmm, vegan pancakes. Topped with vanilla soy yogurt and berries (frozen, hence the vivid purple color) and accompanied by fake bacon, since I wanted some salt to go with my sugar. Intense amounts of numminess, and a rather odd and alarming continuation of a recent trend. All recent evidence to the contrary, I am severely cooking-skills-deprived. It was only recently that I figured out if I don't make food, no food will appear. Don't ask me how I survived until now. I think it was sheer dumb luck.

Crusoe socks, finished! I didn't even need to be sat on.

The larval beginnings of a pair of socks for the Best Roommate Ever.

My mom's socks have two toes and a heel! Yay for progress and speedy mindless stockinette!

I finished one sleeve of the Branching Fern shrug. (I made the pattern up out of my head, with a little help from Barbara Walker, and for the time being, it's going well.) Modeled with a recent purchase, one of my very favorite shirts, which I then tried to take a picture of in the bathroom mirror . . .

forgetting that if you take a picture of words in a mirror, they will be backwards. D'oh! Attempt #2:

Much better. And so very true. Need one of your own? Here. (I especially like the bumper sticker.)


kat said...

HA! That shirt suits you. I have also had that food revelation. I, myself, make edible food, not quite delicious.

I'm sorry I won't be enjoying your popsicles at Grant Park this weekend, but YAY for you and closing on your house!!! I expect an invitation to ooh and ahh and of course supply you with house warming soapies.

jana said...

can you share your recipe for vegan pancakes? i knit so i do not kill people, too. but you knew that already :o)

Sampson said...

sooo, uhhh...not quite too yummy looking to me, but I applaud your efforts. I think it's the purple yogurt which is throwing me off.