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Sunday, August 17, 2008

So close! And yet . . .

I am SO CLOSE to finishing the Crusoe socks it's not even funny.

I've been almost finished with them for about a week now, and every night I say, "Tonight I'm going to finish those socks!" So far, not so much. Last night I was distracted from sock knitting by the need to make little wee tiny lemony minicupcakes

and ice them while watching Brick for like the eighth time. This level of domestic goddess-ery is weird, unprecedented and unsettling. But the cupcakes are quite tasty.

(My excuse for not watching the Olympics is as follows: all they were showing was boxing, and in the words of Lymon Zerga, "Hand-to-hand combat does not interest me", and the marathon, which is spectacularly boring to watch. "Yep. They're still running.")
Fortunately, I am having dinner with some knitting friends tomorrow, and they will sit on me and force me to finish the socks. You ladies know who you are. I'm counting on you and your evil ways.


Gotta Knit! said...

No problemo. We will take turns sitting on you. Plus, they have long tables there so it will still give you room for the needles to fly.

Jana said...

so yummy for the lemon cakes. they were a delish vegan treat.