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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If you think looking for a house is time-consuming . . .

. . . try buying one. I am Worn Out. So many phone calls to make and people to talk to and stuff to make sure is getting done, and exhausted naps to fall into whenever there is a break in the action.
Knitting continues apace despite the breakneck activity. At Thursday night Knit Night at Knitch, I finished my Hederas.

Thanks to Alice and Nell for the pictures.
Updates, both knitting and house-related, as I scrape out a few moments to blog. Pictures posted extremely sporadically, as I am totally dependent on the kindness of, well, not strangers, friends and family, more accurately. Anybody have any camera recommendations?


Gotta Knit! said...

I like my Kodak EasyShare. It's simple and most photo's turn out good.

Eve said...

Wonderful socks!

I remember when we bought our house. There would be a phone call, then off I'd go to get that next last minute piece of paperwork.

The Kodak is easy to use, as are the Canons.