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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear sweet, loveable kitten babies . . .

Dear sweet, lovable kitten babies,
If you do not stop whining for food, I am going to sell you to the gypsies to be made into hats. Lunch happens at 4. You have been squeaking at me since 1. Just because I am home does not mean we have food on demand. You are not starving and dying, and you do not need to eat until you are spherical. You can make it one more hour. Auntie Kim will not forget to feed you. I promise.

your faithful human slave


Eve said...

Oh, how cruel you are human slave to make your kitty overlords wait for food.

Jane said...

Ah yes, my kitty bosses start in about 2:30. Dinner is at 6.

nobbit said...

Heh. Kyrie (the pudgie calico- ok the big fat cat) will sit there and just look at you and yell until she breaks your spirit and you go pour the food. My test for when they are truly wanting dinner is when even Marco jumps over the gate into their room.