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Monday, July 21, 2008


All the negotiating and going back and forth and calling contractors and getting estimates and all that fun stuff is finally completed, and I'm getting a house! I am very very excited. And a little terrified. This is the most expensive thing I have ever bought, ever. I feel odd, like I'm waiting for someone to come over and say, "Hey, you! What are you thinking? You're not old enough to get a house!" But apparently I am, and I can, and I will. I'm not closing until late August, which is a little frustrating, because I want to play with my big new toy now! But since I can't do that, here's some more pictures.

My absolute favorite "room" in the house: the screened-in breezeway between the house and the garage. The Best Roommate Ever and I both have hammock chairs to lounge in and enjoy the breeze, and I'm sure the kitties will decide they need to live out there. Dad thinks we could easily build a deck off the back (and possibly even the front, if we want to get crazy), so even though that's pretty far down on the list of improvements, I'm pretty excited.

My second favorite room: my bedroom. It's the upper half story and spans most of the length of the house. I have some very fun plans for paint colors.

Even though the whole process has been crazy, it hasn't been busy enough to keep me from pining for a certain someone I reconnected with in Tallahassee. Why do I always seem to zero in on relationships that are doomed to failure? I once heard the analogy that finding the right guy is like shoe shopping: you can find a really great pair of shoes that you love, but they just do not fit. Unless you want to hobble around in pain, you should walk away and find a pair that fits. I am so good at doing this with shopping; why can I not do it with relationships? Those with a firearm phobia do not pair well with gun nuts. Likewise, a vegan/carnivore pairing is probably more trouble than it's worth.
Sigh. Relationships are impossible. It's much more fun to pick out paint colors.


Eve said...

Congrats! I'm very excited for you, and the house looks so cute. Will you put a cat door into the breezeway so the kitties can live out there as much as they want?

Gotta Knit! said...

Post more photos or take the gang over for a walk thru!

Love your bedroom

kat said...

A house? Congratulations!!

Kerry W said...

Nice bedroom! I hear we're going to be neighbors. Your house looks a little like mine, but much nicer. My upstairs is unfinished.

Sampson said...

yay paint colors!

I have been on a 'royalty' kick for the last 3 years or so, rediscovering those favorite colors from the crayola box of yore: red-violet, blue-violet and blue-green. Unfortunately, this has only extended to my wardrobe and my walls remain a modest sandy taupe with equally conservative french riviera blue in the bathroom. One day though, one day.

I'll get crayola crazy once more and maybe even forgo the paint in favor of colored wax.

yay again on the house, and keep those pictures coming!