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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

post-Thanksgiving adventure: with socks!

On Friday, my mom, dad, grandfather and I went to Dahlonega, to see the sights, which included the beautiful Amicolola Falls. RPM sock #2 came along (because of course, riding in car time = knitting time). Last time you saw the RPM sock, it looked like this.

Just a wee little baby. Now it's grown much bigger, and ready for its first big trip on its own. Here it is at the base of Amicolola falls.

And by "base", I mean the point at which our party realized that we were all desperately out of shape and our butt muscles were too sore to continue climbing. It was embarrassing. Moving on.

Here is the sock courageously looking out over the summit of the falls. (You could drive there. Shut up.) The sock enjoyed the view.
In celebration of its first big adventure, the sock got a heel that very night. It's very proud of itself.

Look! Sock #1 has a buddy!

Big shout-out to the Yarn Harlot for getting this whole "socks in the wild" thing started.


Debbie said...

Hum, maybe Kerry will learn the ways of knitted projects in the wild one day! Nice sock tour of the Falls.

Nell said...

Those socks look great. As do your legs ; )

Eve said...

Love the socks! Now I have to go through all your posts to see what yarn that is again. And Amicolola Falls most horribly tests the leg & butt muscles. (Try Raven Cliff Falls for another butt numbing climb at the end of the trail.)

unadventurous said...

Eve, it's Trekking XXL, colorway 100.