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Thursday, November 8, 2007

the healing power of love

Ok, that was a cheeseball title, but there is a non-cheesy point to this post. The Best Roommate Ever is feeling very crappy. She has some sort of monster snot-producing head-cold-of-death-and-coughing thing going on, and she feels miserable. Last night Alex and I made our best efforts to heal her

Alex used the Power of Snuggling and Purring, and I used the Power of Wool. If you'll notice her feet, she is wearing blue Fuzzy Feet, which were going to be a Christmas present, but I figured she needed them more now. She may feel like crap, but at least her feet will be snuggly warm. Send healthy thoughts her way; I know she'd appreciate it!


Hockey Mom said...

Bummer! I hope she feels better soon. I have one word for you - Mucinex. It will help get that stuff gone. That and chicken noodle soup and hot tea. And lots of purring and fuzzy feet.

Megan said...

You are such a sweetie. My guess is in her secret blog, you are the "best roommate ever."

Debbie said...

if we all could be so lucky to have a kitty to snuggle with and a roomie as kind as you.

Karen R said...

Best wishes to the Best Roommate Ever.

Hey Kim, I am trying to help someone who uses Blogspot to set up their RSS feed so they can link up to Ravelry. Can you email me the URL that appears on your Ravelry profile in the field labelled "Where is your RSS feed?"

It should be the same code for all blogspotters, just changing her username for yours.

Phone me if this makes no sense to you, lol, or I can just show you tonight, if you are coming over.


Eve said...

Poor BRE! Warm tootsies and warm kitties make almost everyone feel better. And try some real hot and sour soup. That will help clear out a stuffy head. (Or my personal favorite from college was hot lemonade, honey and vodka! Unfortunately, I can't drink it at work.)