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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm out on a Saturday night!

Tonight, to celebrate my new job (which, miraculously, does not require me to get up at the buttcrack of dawn every weekend), my Shiny New Fiance took me out to see Green Hornet. It was really awesome. I'm not sure why it got such lousy reviews. I'm not sure what critics were expecting, but it's a Seth Rogen movie. Olivier, he's not. He is, however, Seth Rogen, and he does a very good job of being Seth Rogen in this movie. It was a fun comic-book-movie sort of film, and a fun, comic-book-movie sort of fun was had by all.
While watching the movie, I worked on a new pair of socks

for my sweetie. You know it's real love when you find you're making socks for him. This is a true testament of my love for him, because I dearly love this sock yarn and want it all for my self (my . . . preciousssssss). But he loves it, and part of being in a relationship is compromise and not being a greedy yarn whore, so I am practicing graciousness and selflessness by making it into socks for him. I can already feel myself becoming a better person.

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Devon said...

So what is this new job?