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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here we have the lovely Paloma:

I reached a stopping point, put all the stitches on waste yarn, and put it in the stash to hibernate until more appropriate weather beckons.

The fit is great. Woo-hoo! I think I want to make it a leeeetle bit longer though. Full coverage on the girls and all that.

To celebrate, I whipped out a little hat in about three days (after about 47 false starts and gauge accidents. Why am I unable to accurately comprehend the size of my own head? It's a mystery, I tell you.)

And this teensy little thread is all I had left of the ball. I was so proud of myself; I wanted to use every last little bit of this delicious yarn. (A one-off hand-dyed by the lovely Reporebo, sadly on hiatus as she has come down with a bad case of grad school.)
Next on the agenda (and also giving me lots of trouble, due to my aforementioned ginormous melon-head), is this, also hand-dyed by Reporebo:



Gotta Knit! said...

My goodness you have been busy.

defenestrati said...

While my opposition of full girl coverage might be described as axiomatic, I've become accustomed to the ability of my yarn goddess to bend reality to her ends. Evey thing to which she sets her hands delight and amaze, always. <3

nobbit said...

I think judging headsize is an affliction many yarnwizards have a time with. My aunt made Yvie a hat and it was like a little baby yarmulke (granted Yvaine's head is ginormous for her age).

Bath Salts said...

That paloma is gorgeous! Great hat too