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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

See? I HAVE been knitting!

Yes, my friends, there has been knitting. A few months ago, in July, I got the crazy idea to knit Paloma to wear to a wedding. It was perfect: beautiful, elegant, warm yet breezy enough to dance in, and it perfectly matched my favorite silver skirt. I had three months to complete it; plenty of time. Stop me if you know the punchline.

Louet MerLin in cloud grey. I am so in love with this color.

As you've guessed, the wedding was this weekend. This is how much I have done.

The yoke. That's it. Now, all of the people there have seen me naked (while changing my diapers, 28 years ago), but still. Appropriate? Not so much. In spite of my total knitting failure, an awesome time was had by all, and I keep chugging away at the sweater. It will be done eventually. Pics to follow soon.

I love the texture of this stitch pattern close-up.
It reminds me of the amazing photos in The Art of Knitting.

In keeping with tradition, I am busily at work on a pair of socks for the Best Roommate Ever. Unfortunately, I can't blog them until after she receives them at Christmas. Expect a blog filled with kitty pictures for a while. So, you know, more of the same.

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Gotta Knit! said...

Wow, the Paloma is gorgeous! It is a well known fact of life that there will always be another wedding to go to.