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Monday, September 21, 2009

Holy torrential downpour, Batman!

Amazing amounts of rain have been falling on Atlanta for the past week. It's been truly incredible. Fortunately, Chez Wading Lightly is on a hill (unlike poor Southbork), so we're not too worried about flooding. We have been fending off massive ant incursions as the little beasts look for somewhere dry to set up shop. Shiny New Boyfriend's car was totally and impressively overrun, but other than that, we've managed to escape unscathed so far. I'm really, really ready for it to stop raining now.

Jaymie is coping as best he can.


Eve said...

I'm sorry to hear about his car. At least we had sun today, so hopefully his car got to dry out some.

defenestrati said...

Thanks, Eve. My car wasn't flooded by water, but by ants. They're still in there, too, despite my best efforts. Eventually I trust they'll lose interest and leave. Until then, it's like Vietnam on wheels.