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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

low-stashing status: going . . . going . . .

. . . gone, baby, gone. These arrived in the mail last week: Summit Sock, hand-dyed sock yarn from Impulse of Delight.

The top one is Blackberry and the bottom one is Crocus. Here's a more accurate picture of the Blackberry.

The most awesomest and amazing thing about this yarn is: see the pics on the labels? The dyer is also an amazing nature photographer, and those are pictures she took. She then dyes the yarn based on the photographs. It's truly amazing, and all I can do not to just direct deposit my paycheck to her. (I also got this from her for my birthday. So pretty!)

And, AND! She gave me these with my purchase!

Cute little stitch markers! Which is perfect because I don't have any stitch markers! (I just fake it with paper clips when I have to.) Except they are too pretty to use as stitch markers so I strung them on a chain and am wearing them as a necklace.

See the cat hair? That's how you know it's me.

In other news: ta da!

Above picture is more accurate to color, but below pic shows the lace pattern better.

That is how the pieces looked at the beginning of the evening, and this is how they looked at bedtime.

I'm in the home stretch!

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