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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

why I whacked all my hair off

One on my coworkers, on seeing my new 'do, said, "Wow. Did you get mad?" Um, no. I did not pull a britney.
I cut off all my hair to donate it to Locks of Love. I'd been planning to for quite some time. When I was in college, I did all sorts of wacky things with my hair like shaving it down to three-eighths of an inch and dyeing it blue. I miss those days. But, upon graduating, I had to enter the real world and get a real job, where I couldn't have pink hair. So I decided to shave it all off one last time and start fresh. I would grow it out until I couldn't stand it anymore, then cut it all off and donate it.
This January, I was getting dresed and accidentally tucked my hair into the back of my pants. When I told the Best Roommate Ever, she said, "Haircut!" "But, but, but-" "Haircut!" "But-" "HAIRCUT!" She knows when to be tough with me.
As soon as it got warm enough, Little Sister and I went to her hair stylist, the fabulous Susan, at Helmet, who whacked off all my hair and sent it to be made into wigs for children with cancer. Now, if only I could claim it as a deduction on my taxes.

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Eve said...

I love your new do. I've also shaved my hair down to practically nothing a few times in my youth, and it's very liberating.